Creating Sftp Only Account

Summary Let’s say you want to have an account to backup to on another server. Perhaps you want to host one, or, simply give some space to a friend for storing a few things. Ideally, the user would not be able to login and poke around for security purposes. They would be able to sftp only, but no shell access, and, they shouldn’t be able to view outside of their home directory.

Installing ISSO Commenting on Ubuntu / Debian

Summary This document provides an example of how to install the ISSO commenting system on Debian 10 or Ubuntu 20.04 desktop. This package exists in apt, however, the problem is later python versions break ISSO. The syntax differences have been fixed in a later ISSO, so, we will setup outside of apt. ALl commands needing root privileges are prefixed with sudo, so, we are assuming you are not running as root here.

Migrating Single Disk to Raid Mirror on ubuntu 20.04

Summary This procedure is based on my own personal desktop installation of ubuntu 20.04.2. I had a single disk installation containing the following partitions: EFI, root (including boot) on an nvme drive. My goal was to obtain a second nvme of the same make and model, and, migrate to a mdadm Raid installation without backup and restore. In searching, I found many tutorials were quite old, nothing recent and some things have changed since those older tutorials were written.